Click on embedded slide show below to view a powerpoint of Sean's story:

Sean is my nephew, he and his twin sister Kaitlyn were born 10 weeks premature. He has Cerebral Palsy due to brain trauma at birth (like having a stroke on both sides of his brain) and acidosis due to his heart not converting to self-sufficiency at birth (PDA non-closure / therefore not enough oxygen in blood to brain/body). He also has some vision disability, due to ROP (retinopathy of prematurity - retina did not fully develop) as well as the stroke affected the vision area of his brain, which makes it hard for him to process what he does see. My sister made this powerpoint for me to share with my students as they have taken both Sean & Kaitlyn into their hearts, and they have wanted to know and understand what was happening with them.

Download PowerPoint here: