Accessory Organ Disorders

By: Jessica Post and Rene Kilmer

Alopecia- is hair loss of any kind
Forms of alopecia
*hair loss is a big part of this disease in both male and females

*normal consequences of aging
*rapid loss of hair in rounded patches, can occur without a known cause but is often associated with metabolic diseases such as thyroid disease and lupus erythematosus.
*rapid hair loss is usually followed by normal regrowth
*scalp infections
*radiation sickness
Onychogryposis- are claw type nails that are characterized by thickening nail plate and are often the result of trauma requires surgical intervention to relieve pain.
external image digger-204x155.pngdigger-204x155.png
Pseudomonas- bacterial infection can occur between the natural nail by thickened nail plate and the nail bed, and/or between and artificial nail coating and the natural nail plate.
Receptors- in the skin make it possible for the body surface to act as a sense organ, relaying messages to the brain concerning sensations such as touch, pain, temperature, and pressure.

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